A group of companies managed by “Investment Projects” is establishing in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park to develop construction digitization tools

On 30th of December 2020, the operator of Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park signed an agreement on the establishment of a group of companies managed by “Investment Projects” at VCIIP. Companies plan to establish a testing and production base on site to create and develop tools allowing better use of the possibilities of designing in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment.

“The tool developed by „Investment Projects“, which expands the possibilities and functionality of designing in BIM environment, is without a doubt an innovation in this field, which will attract demand and interest in the market due to obvious benefits – it will allow more flexible and accurate design and management of complex infrastructure projects”, – says CEO of Northtown Vilnius, operator of VCIIP, dr. Gediminas Pauliukevičius and emphasizes that the establishment of “Investment Projects” at VCIIP is valuable in that it forms a solid basis for the clustering of companies operating in the direction of new production processes, materials and technologies, and developing innovative digital technologies.

It is planned that “Investment Projects” which intends to invest EUR 1 500 000 in the territory, will complete the designing of the testing and production base in 2021. The base will be dedicated to theoretical modeling of technological solutions, applied testing of new technologies and their analysis in order to refine most technologically appropriate solution, which would allow more efficient use of data recorded in Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D projects for optimization of the construction process at all stages. It will also allow more accurate planning of processes, costs and financial flows, more efficient management of the entire construction project.

“Construction projects are being carried out in the BIM environment, more and more often. And the very principles of BIM modeling are becoming high-quality and sustainable as designers and engineers gain more experience and qualifications. However, looking to the future of the digitalisation of construction, there is a tendency that the amount of data captured in BIM projects is not always used effectively, although targeted use of information resources of BIM models in the stages of engineering systems modeling and implementation of building projects can achieve a significant breakthrough,” says Edvardas Charžauskas, the head of “Investment Projects”.

He also adds, that although the speed of construction technologies has almost doubled in the recent period, the changes at the design level are lacking, even though there is enough tools and innovations to speed and make design more flexible and efficient. “It is these opportunities that we plan to seize,”- claims Edvardas Charžauskas.