Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub


Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub (LS DIH Lithuania) Cluster is a platform for business-research partnership, dedicated to fostering digital innovation in the life sciences, bringing together research, business and public sector institutions and organizations.

The cluster develops its activities in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park, paying special attention to clustering and strengthening cooperation of companies operating in the fields of biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, neurobiology, molecular medicine, clean technologies, information technologies and related areas. By providing consulting services and ensuring access to competencies and infrastructure located at Vilnius University Life Sciences Center and Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park, LS DIH Lithuania aims:

  • to promote the implementation of new bioinformatics projects in the field of life sciences and health;
  • to develop the methods for processing and analyzing big data generated during life science research;
  • to enable companies developing new biotechnological and digital products to validate them through clinical research practices;
  • to design and develop digital equipment for use in biomedical practice and diagnostics;
  • to support the creation of start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises offering digital solutions for the life sciences industry;
  • to improve access to finance for technology transfer and digitization projects;
  • to share experiences and good practices in the life sciences industry sector;
  • to provide comprehensive assistance in the development of new products.

Northtown Vilnius

Coordinator of Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub Cluster – Northtown Vilnius – has accumulated significant experience in developing entrepreneurship, promoting cooperation between science and business, and providing innovation support services over the last two decades. Currently, Northtown Vilnius focuses its activities on two directions: developing innovative R&D investment zones and individual objects of the innovation system, and providing high value services through science and business cooperation, R&D and innovation.