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Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park


Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park is the first and only industrial park in the capital of Lithuania, dedicated exclusively to the development of innovative business.

24 ha VCIIP territory is surrounded by national forests and already has a fully developed infrastructure. It is dedicated to Lithuanian and foreign companies that want to build research centres, laboratories or factories, as well as to business and science collaboration; nearby are some of the best universities in Lithuania, as well as main science centres.

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Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park vision

To mobilize investors developing innovative activities in the Park, in order to create conditions promoting the growth of innovative companies by reducing the costs of new product development and commercialization, using the resources necessary for the innovation, the value chain network, and the opportunities given by science and business clusters.



Vilniaus City Innovation Industrial Park goal

VCIIP aims to strengthen Lithuanian innovation system and excel high-tech competitiveness by creating a functional R&D infrastructure and communications, thus increasing the attractiveness of the Park for foreign investment and innovative companies.

Achieved results

  • 01

    Reach investment value of 7 253 362.

  • 02

    Establish 6 clusters.

  • 03

    Create 1000 job openings.

  • 04

    Attract 20 innovative SMEs.

  • 05

    Establish 2 research and study institutions or their branches.

  • 06

    Build 2 000 sq. m. business incubator.

  • 07

    Prepare and equip 3 ha and 1 000 sq. m. of public spaces.

  • 08

    Develop 2-3 new innovative products, technologies or obtain patents in line with the international level.


Services provided at Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park

  1. Services during the establishment,
  2. Services after the establishment.

VCIIP investors are provided with the following services:

  1. Long-term sublease of parts of VCIIP territory.
  2. Preparation of territory infrastructure development projects and organisation of their realisation.
  3. Maintenance, administration, servicing and repair of infrastructure.
  4. Assistance in receiving technical conditions for connection to the infrastructure.
  5. Providing business information and consultation in planning activities in the territory.
  6. Publicity and marketing of the territory and the project, Investor Needs Research.
  7. Promotion of cooperation and joint activities between the investors established in the territory.
  8. Recreational (public) spaces.
  9. Finding and attracting new project implementers to the territory.
  10. Search for high and medium-high-tech companies to increase their concentration and diversity in the territory.
  11. Counselling and support for clustering issues.
  12. Placement of the investor’s ads on advertising and information devices owned by the operator.
  13. Decoration of common areas, implementation of information system solutions.
  14. General monitoring of environmental impact in the territory.
  15. Coordination and support of relations with public authorities and societies, dissemination of information on territorial activities.
  16. Other services.

Services provided to investors and tenants that are already established in VCIIP:

  1. Incubation, innovation support and advisory services.
  2. Rental of office space (note: the conditions for renting office space will be determined by setting up a business incubator).

Candidate selection

Potential investors are:

  1. Legal entities carrying out R&D (except research and study institutions)
  2. Research and study institutions

Possible projects to be developed at VCIIP:

  1. General infrastructure development initiative
  2. Clustering development project
  3. Technological and public service development

Candidate selection process*:

  1. Submission of application according to the chosen participation model.
  2. Evaluation and selection of applications: applications are evaluated at the meeting of the Supervisory Expert Group** according to the investor selection criteria.
  3. Investors’ applications shall be approved or rejected by decision of the Supervisory Expert Group. In case of approval, an individual establishment fee*** is set for each investor. Priority is given to general infrastructure development initiatives.
  4. Supervisory Experts Group is informed about the essential provisions of the contract.
  5. Signing of the establishment agreement, the real estate purchase agreement, and the state land sublease agreement, defining the development conditions of the selected part of the Park and the assigned development indicators of the Park.

*The selection of candidates is carried out in accordance with the description of the conditions for the development of the territory of VCIIP, approved on the 27th of March, 2020, minutes of the Supervisory Expert Group no. 11.

**Supervisory Expert Group was formed and approved on the 5th of February, 2020, by the order of Vilnius City Municipality administration, no. 30-289/20.

***The fee of establishment is determined in accordance with the procedure for establishment of the fee, approved on the 4th of December, 2019, minutes of the meeting no. 10.


If your business meets the VCIIP development goals, we invite you to familiarise yourself with the application form and our selection criteria.

Application (Lithuanian)
Application (English)

The following annexes must be submitted with the application:

  1. Documents confirming that applicant has no restrictions to carry out and / or expand its activities.
  2. Company’s financial statements for the last 3 years.
  3. Supporting documents for funding sources
  4. A description of the business plan that meets the minimum requirements for the business plan described in the EU funding description documents.
  5. A Letter of Intent signed by the members of the cluster to be established and (or a Joint Activity Agreement on the establishment and / or commencement of activities of the cluster in accordance with the definition of the cluster in accordance with the applicable legislation).*
  6. Documents confirming the volume of technological and / or public services provided in the last 2 years (EUR). *

Note: Annex no. 5 to be filled in if the application is submitted from the cluster coordinator, Annex no. 6 – if the application is submitted for the provision and development of technological services and public services in the territory.

You can submit a completed and signed application in two ways:

  1. You can deliver personally, by courier or by mail. Delivery address: Northtown Vilnius, Vismaliukai str. 34, Vilnius, Lithuania

Send the scanned version of your application to


On 2007 March Government of the Republic of Lithuania issued Resolution no. 321 “On Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centres (Valleys) development and approval of the concept”, which highlighted the need to encourage research and educational institutions to cooperate with the private sector.

In 2008, a vision of territorial development has been prepared.

In 2010, Northtown, together with the participants in the implementation of the Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley) “Sauletekis” program, signed a protocol of intent to include the territory in the program.

In 2011, April, By order of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania no. 464 territory was included in the program “Sauletekis” of the Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley); a separate measure “2.2 Creating Vismaliuku Investment Innovation Area” for the installation of “greenfield” engineering networks and communications, which has been implemented by Northtown Technology Park.

During 2013-2016, Northtown Technology Park and its partners have implemented the project “Preparing the Infrastructure of the Vismaliukai Investment Innovation Zone (VIZI) for Territorial Creation and Development Phase I”—construction and connection of external engineering networks and communications, electrification and gasification services, construction of sewage, water supply, telecommunication, pipeline and electrical engineering networks to the territory, reconstruction of Vismaliukai Street pavement: wider street, pavement, street lighting from area to public transport stop.

In January 2018, for the purposes of territorial development, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania initiated the establishment of an industrial park and on 24th of January, by Decree no. 98, it established the boundaries of the territory of Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park located in the territory.

In February, 2018, Northtown has prepared a development plan for Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park.

In March, 2018, The Minister of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania on 14th of March 14, 2018 by Order no. 4-142 approved the development plan of Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park.

In April, 2018, Vilnius City Council, on  18 April 2018, by Decision No. 1-1477, established Vilnius Innovation Industrial Park, and determined that it will operate up to 31December 2066. It appointed Northtown Technology Park as the Vilnius Innovation Industrial Park operator.

In August, 2018, Northtown and the National Land Service, under the Ministry of Agriculture, have concluded state land lease agreements that have leased state land plots at Vismaliukai str. 34 and Miskadvario str. 6 until 31 December 2066 with the possibility to sublease their shares to investors.

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