“Imunodiagnostika”, a company developing the first Lithuanian Covid-19 antibody test, will establish in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park

Biotechnology company – “Imunodiagnostika”, which has developed the Lithuanian Covid-19 antibody test – is starting its establishment in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park.

The agreement signed between the operator of Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park, Northtown Vilnius, and “Imunodiagnostika” stipulates that the company will be located on a 64-acre plot in the Park territory. Here by 2022, an innovative factory and scientific laboratory for the development of new products will be built. It is estimated that the investments of “Imunodiagnostika” will reach 2.2 million. Eur, and about 50 new jobs will be created.

“For almost a decade, our company has been focusing on the development of new diagnostic systems, primarily for allergy diagnostics. During that time, in cooperation with the world’s leading partners in this field, researchers of Vilnius University Life Sciences Center, strengthening our scientific potential, developing modern laboratory infrastructure, constantly improving diagnostic technologies and creating new ones – with the aim of making our diagnostic solutions simple, efficient, individual and accurate. Establishment in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park is another stage of our development in creating a wider range of the best new type of diagnostic systems,” says Gintautas Gylys, director of“Imunodiagnostika”.

According to Gediminas Pauliukevičius, “Imunodiagnostika” is not only a strong company and an advanced innovator, but the laboratories of this company are the only ones in Lithuania that are fit to perform allergy diagnostic tests according to the recommendations of today’s European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. “Even more – the news of recent days – presentation of the Lithuanian COVID-19 test only confirmed the company’s competitive potential and ability to respond quickly to circumstances and global challenges. And such examples allow us to believe quite strongly that the company’s scientific and innovation potential will only grow in the future,” says G. Pauliukevičius and emphasizes that their decision to establish in the Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park is a rather important step for the park itself, which aims to mobilize the community of life sciences industry leaders.

With the importance of gathering strong life sciences companies and science centers of different profiles at VCIIP also agrees the Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius. “The concentration of strongest industry participants in the innovation park perfectly reflects its vision – not only to become a strong attraction for companies developing innovation and creating the highest added value, but also to create the most favorable and convenient conditions in the region for both growth and significant innovation in general.” He says that there is no doubt that in the near future, as a result of the partnership of companies established in the Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park, not only strong industrial potential will be concentrated, but new life sciences products or innovations competing on a global scale will be developed.

By the end of 2020, 10 companies have been located or have started to establish themselves in the Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park, developing activities in the fields of life sciences, new production processes, materials and technologies, energy and sustainable environment. “Imunodiagnostika” is the fourth biotechnology company to develop its activities in the Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park and to be located in the neighborhood of such life science companies as Experimentica, Sanobiotec and Biotecha. Moreover, Vilnius University Life Sciences Center intends to open its branch in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park by 2022.