Advanced imaging and sensor systems developer “Tonbo Imaging” will establish at Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park

“Tonbo Imaging”, a high-tech company developing advanced imaging and sensor systems and intelligent transport technology, will start operating in a universal production building at Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park.

The lease agreement signed with Northtown Vilnius, the operator of Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park, envisages that, “Tonbo Imaging” will start operating starting early April, where a research and production centre for photonics and laser technologies, and intelligent transport systems will be established. It is estimated that investments in operational equipment will amount to about 1 million Eur.

We combine micro-optics, low-power electronics and real-time image processing technology solutions to create innovative products for civil, defence and military industries. Therefore, when choosing a place for the development of our activities a few years ago, we hand-picked Lithuania as the one that perfectly meets our needs for the development and sale of technologies and products. Many aspects were important for this decision, both the country’s reputation as a centre for optical research and technology, and its dynamic economy, as well as opportunity to use talented local specialists”, Arvind Lakshmikumar, Head of “Tonbo Imaging” comments.

According to him, today’s decision to develop its activities in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park was also based on objective circumstances – the infrastructure offered by the park for development of R&D activities, appealing territory environment, where exclusively high-tech companies are located, and the opportunity to become a part of the emerging innovation community.

The company starting its establishment in the Park in early April, belongs to the Tonbo Imaging group of companies, with engineering centres in the USA, Singapore and India, where advanced imaging and sensor systems are manufactured and installed in various industries.

“The nucleus of two, I would say the fastest growing and most advanced areas of smart specialization in Lithuania is forming in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park – we can clearly distinguish clustering in the field of life sciences and new production processes, materials and technologies,” says dr. Gediminas Pauliukevičius. He also considers that Tonbo Imaging’s joining the park community not only strengthens the park’s specialization in what is already the second direction, but also allows to expect effective cooperation between companies operating in it, and joint initiatives in developing new technologies and solutions.

So far, 11 companies developing activities in the fields of life sciences, new production processes, materials and technologies, energy and sustainable environment, have been established or have started their establishment in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park.