Northtown Vilnius invites to sustainability hackathon “Move It Forward Vilnius: Women for Sustainable Living”

February 10-11th Northtown Vilnius invites women to participate in the 2-day hackathon “Move It Forward Vilnius: Women for Sustainable Living”, which will delve into the challenges of sustainability in everyday life and generate innovative ideas and digital solutions that will change everyday habits and encourage take a more sustainable and ecological approach not only at home but also in the work environment.

This sustainability hackathon program is designed to help women address societal challenges in the areas of sustainability and the environment, and to develop innovative solutions that enable people, families, and communities to lead more sustainable, responsible, resource and energy-efficient homes and offices, that enable community sharing and exchange initiatives, and sharing of the personal experiences in developing sustainability skills.

Hackathon Challenges:

Challenge # 1: Developing Personal Sustainable Lifestyle Skills.
Challenge # 2: Sustainable Lifestyle Skills in the Office – How to Encourage the Community to Follow Them?
Challenge # 3: Responsible Consumption and Sharing Initiatives: What technologies, mobile applications could drive their practice at the local community level?
Challenge # 4: Avoiding Waste at Home / Office.
Challenge # 5: Sustainability pays off: how to assess the financial benefits of your sustainability initiatives (developing a mobile application / virtual tool)
Challenge # 6: Suggest Yourself!

During the hackathon, participants will delve into the specifics of sustainable and responsible consumption, environmental challenges, sustainable business development, hear success stories, generate, or develop existing sustainability ideas using digital tools, improve business development skills, receive mentoring and advice in idea development, business management and other areas that are important in growing your idea.

The authors of the three best-recognized ideas will have the opportunity to use the help of mentors and business consultants to develop their idea after the hackathon (more than 80 hours).

Registration of participants takes place until February 8th 5 pm. You can fill in the registration form here.

The event is planned to take place in a hybrid way: up to 20 participants (due to COVID-19 safety distance restrictions) can attend live, other participants will be invited to join remotely. You will receive a link to the event via email confirming your registration for the event.

“Move It Forward Vilnius: Women for Sustainable Living” is organized by Northtown Vilnius, participating in the international project Move it forward +. The main goal of the Erasmus + project Move It Forward +, implemented by five partners from Belgium, France, Croatia, Romania, and Luxembourg, is to exchange practical experiences in order to improve the digital entrepreneurship skills of women and girls in the partner countries. During the implementation of the project, a methodology was developed, consultations and assistance were provided to the project participants in developing relations with the private sector, so that the ideas developed by the participants during the hackathon could be further implemented.