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WOW Code 2 Confidence

Project: WOW Code 2 Confidence

Managing partner: Women in Digital Empowerment (WIDE), Luxembourg

Duration: 2016 October – 2018 May
Strategic partnership WOW – Code 2 Confidence, financed by the European Commision through Erasmus+ program.

The objective of the project: this strategic partnership aims to demonstrate how awareness-raising activities can enable women learners to be empowered with new skills to better use their social and economic rights. The goal of this project is to investigate further the different layers of learning coding and how they can create impact for women learners and contribute to building a larger set of competences, not limited to coding as a technical skill. It also aim to demonstrate that the concept of coding lead to a broader set of competences, including soft skills and hard skills.

Project partners:

  • Professional Foundation (ProF), Romania
  • Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka (CTC Rijeka), Croatia
  • Go Digit All, United Kingdom
  • Digital Leadership Institute (DLI), Belgium
  • Northtown Technology Park, Lithuania

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