Northtown Technology Park has changed their name to Northtown Vilnius

The public institution Northtown Technology Park has changed their name and from now will be – Northtown Vilnius.

The institution has started the activity in 2002. For more than 18 years, it has been providing specialized innovation support services to business, strengthening science and business partnerships and developing modern R&D infrastructure.

“Growing together with the Lithuanian innovation and technology ecosystem, growing up as a technology park, business incubator and accelerator, we have accumulated diverse experience, formed our identity, and refined the most important activities and working principles. In recent years, the development of R&D innovation zones and the creation of attractive conditions for the growth and development of innovative companies in Vilnius region have become our most important strategic direction, so we have decided to choose a name that better reflects our activities and allows smoother communication in foreign markets” says Northtown Vilnius CEO dr. Gediminas Pauliukevičius.

Since 2018, Northtown Vilnius has become the operator of Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park and is developing a unique innovative R&D investment territory in Vismaliukai, where Lithuanian and foreign companies are developing activities in high technology and smart specialization. From 2019 the priority direction of investment attraction in Vilnius City Innovation Industry Park has been life sciences. In 2019-2020, three life sciences companies started their establishment here, and in 2022 another 6 life sciences start-ups and Vilnius University Life Sciences Center are planning establishment in the Life Sciences Incubator. In order to strengthen the clustering of life sciences companies in the territory of Vilnius City Innovation Industry Park, in 2019 cluster of the Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub was established and is coordinated by Northtown Vilnius.

“By creating exceptional conditions for the development of innovations and the growth of high-tech companies, we strive to make Vilnius the most attractive place to develop innovative business in the Baltic region. Given our accumulated experience and ambitious but achievable aspirations, we believe that we have matured for the changes of the name and brand that reflect our business vision. Continuing our activities as Northtown Vilnius, we will continue to develop one of the most attractive areas for the growth of innovative businesses in Vilnius, where we hope to concentrate the largest concentration of science and high-tech businesses, but at the same time improve our business model, we have plans to develop new modern R&D territories and objects, to concentrate the infrastructure and expert assistance necessary for the faster growth of innovative companies,”says dr. Gediminas Pauliukevičius.