LS DIH cluster is joining the European Cluster Collaboration Platform

Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub cluster, coordinated by Northtown Vilnius, has joined the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).

“We created the cluster with the aim to help smoother cooperation between Lithuanian life sciences companies and research centers, especially for the start-ups in this field. Moreover, the development of partnerships at the international level, with the help of integration into clusters and cooperation networks and value chains, is very important for companies in finding new partnerships that increase competitiveness and opportunities to integrate into new markets. Joining this platform is a purposeful step in maturing the cluster and seeking specific benefits for its members, ” says Dr. Gediminas Pauliukevičius, head of Northtown Vilnius, coordinator of LS DIH.

The platform, established on the initiative of the European Commission, encourages international cluster collaboration and connects more than 1,200 clusters in various fields around the world, provides opportunities to effectively use networking tools, search for potential partners nationally and internationally, exchange information relevant to new partnerships and projects, and participate in a number of events benefiting both the cluster and its members.

“While our Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub cluster is relatively young compared to other counterparts on the platform, our strengths and strategic advantages are also evident – out of more than 1,000 European clusters, we are among 32 and in life sciences among 12, able or in the near future planning to offer not only consulting assistance, incubation and acceleration programs, but also exceptional infrastructure that will be concentrated in the Life Sciences Incubator. Thus, our positions for new partnerships and business development are quite positive,” says G. Pauliukevičius.