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Providing High Quality Public Services and Promoting Entrepreneurship

Project: Providing high quality public services and promoting entrepreneurship

Duration: 2013 December – 2015 June

The objective of the project – The level of entrepreneurship in Marijampolė county is one of the lowest in Lithuania and there is also an insufficient supply of public services for SMEs in this county, therefore the project implementation aims to increase entrepreneurship in society, and in particular among young people and women, and to restore and strengthen the Marijampolė Business Information Center.

Managing partner: Marijampolė Business Information Center.


  • KTU Regional Science Park
  • Marijampolės kolegija
  • Mokslininkų sąjungos institutas
  • Sunrise Valley
  • Northtown Vilnius
  • Technopol
  • Visaginas Technology Park
  • Lietuvos inžinerinės pramonės asociacija „Linpra”
  • Fotoelektros technologijų ir verslo asociacija


Northtown Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 274 5409